Aleksandra Kokic Arsic
Subject of the article is an integration of quality management and sustainable development, with the basis of considerations of sustainable development and the structure of the key quality factors pointed to the possibility of achieving synergy of action on the most important variables, as well as the established model of integration of these two complex concepts. Areas of our study were 83 organizations in the region of Central Serbia. The study was based on questionnaires which contained 50 questions about the level of quality and sustainable development in the companies surveyed. Results of research highlights the most influenced variables in condition of constraints related to transition economy characteristics.

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Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement: The Mediating Role of Job Involvement
Frontiers in Psychology 2018 (
We conducted an empirical study aimed at identifying and quantifying the relationship between work characteristics, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational policies and procedures in the transition economy of S...

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Multiple sustainability dimensions of retail sector in Serbia until 2013
Industrija 2016 (
In this paper, we have analysed the challenges met by the Serbian retail industry in the transition process, its economic and social significance in Serbian economy and society, as well as its environmental performance. Although liquidity and profita...

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Multinational companies from transition economies and their outward foreign direct investment
Russian Journal of Economics 2017 (
Multinational companies (MNCs) based in 26 post-communist transition economies (PTEs) emerged during the 1990s. Their outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) boomed dramatically from 2000 to 2007 in these countries, and then muddled through the fina...

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An Empirical Analysis of Stock Market Development and Economic Growth: The Case of Macedonia
South East European Journal of Economics and Business 2016 (
This paper has two goals. The first goal is to investigate the influence of stock market development on economic growth for a group of 14 transition economies from the Central and South-East European (CSEE) region in the period 2002-2012, while the s...

Analysis of the Banking Sector Performance in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia Before and After the Global Financial Crisis
Economics (Bijeljina) 2017 (
The focus of this study is the banking sector of the three neighbouring countries Bosnia and Herzegovina; Montenegro; and Serbia. These are former communist countries which have been going through the transition from centrally-planned economies to op...

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Governance Strategies for a Sustainable Digital World
Sustainability 2018 (
Digitalization is changing society by the increased connectivity and networking that digital technologies enable, such as enhancing communication, services, and trade. Increasingly, policymakers within various national governments and international o...

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