Dennis Raphael
For over 35 years Ronald Labonté has been critically analyzing the state of health promotion in Canada and the world. In 1981, he identified the shortcomings of the groundbreaking Lalonde Report by warning of the seductive appeal of so-called lifestyle approaches to health. Since then, he has left a trail of critical work identifying the barriers to — and opportunities for —health promotion work. More recently, he has shown how the rise of economic globalization and acceptance of neo-liberal ideology has come to threaten the health of those in both developed and developing nations. In his recent commentary, Labonté shows how the United Nations’ 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can offer a new direction for health promoters in these difficult times.

3rd degree connections

The European Union and UN Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria: A Study of the Micro Projects Programmes (MPPs) in the Niger Delta Region
Africa’s Public Service Delivery and Performance Review (APSDPR) 2016 (
The present Cotonou Accord was signed by the EU, 77, African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries towards halving poverty as prescribed by the UN Declaration by 2015. The EU's interventionin the rural communities of the oil producing states of Niger...

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Pediatric Palliative Care Initiative in Cambodia
Frontiers in Public Health 2017 (
Cancer care with curative intent remains difficult to manage in many resource-limited settings such as Cambodia. Cambodia has a small workforce with limited financial and health-care resources resulting in delayed diagnoses and availability of limite...

4th degree connections

Sustainable development of Nigeria’s solid minerals through metal recycling: a review
Journal of Degraded and Mining Lands Management 2018 (
Metal recycling as a path way to sustainable development of Nigeria solid minerals deposits has been reviewed. This paper brings to bear the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030), classification of solid mineral deposits in Nigeria...

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Evaluation of LEED for Neighbourhood Development and Envision Rating Frameworks for Their Implementation in Poorer Countries
Sustainability 2018 (
The unstoppable world population growth is increasing the concentration of people in urban settlements and the number of megacities, especially in developing countries where urbanization exacerbates social and economic inequalities. Green rating syst...

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