Manuel de Paz-Sánchez
Revista de Indias 2017;77:463

Latin America. Spanish America

This paper considers the political-revolutionary processes in Venezuela and Cuba, which led to the fall of the respective dictatorships of Perez Jimenez and Batista, as seen from the perspective of the anarchist press. The two processes followed different political paths. In Venezuela, the Spanish anarchists found meeting spaces, created networks of international solidarity and tried to erode the image of Franco’s regime abroad. By contrast, in Cuba, the local anarchist movement, which had a long tradition of Spanish origin, tended to disappear as Marxist postulates took hold. However, the Cuban Revolution produced great controversy in Spain’s exiled anarchist press owing to its unique features and huge popularity.

2nd degree connections

The Colombian Left: A Paradoxical Past; A Promising Future?
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2nd degree connections

The Cuban Revolution, the drift of the Castro regime and the destinies of Cuba after Fidel Castro
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